BQ480 Perfect Binder

Equipment Profile: Standard Horizon Perfect Binder

ICYMI: Last week, we gave a 10,000-foot view of some big changes within our bindery department. We’re now narrowing that scope to individually outline how each piece of new machinery pertains to your print jobs.

Since perfect binding is a new in-house service at Delzer, we’re eager to share how our Standard Horizon Perfect Binder equipment can help you.

Equipment Profile: Standard Horizon Perfect Binder

Formally known by bindery aficionados and print nerds alike as Standard Horizon’s BQ-480 Perfect Binder, this machine takes print communication to the next level with its ability to seamlessly bind books.

Project Applications

Perfect binding offers a polished, durable, and relatively low-cost binding method for softcover pieces. This finishing technique works well on reading materials such as magazines, soft cover books, and catalogs. Small page count, high page count – perfect binding works well for either.

If you’re binding an offset-run print piece, a coating on the cover – such as UV gloss, aqueous gloss, aqueous satin, or aqueous dull – can also increase its durability.

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Speedy Production

Thanks to the perfect binding equipment’s advanced automation, it nimbly adjusts to different sizes and thicknesses. This quick setup and changeover, therefore, allows us to adapt from project to project without sacrificing lots of make ready time or quality.

Speaking of quality…

Quality Adhesive

Instead of conventional EVA adhesive, our machine uses a more sophisticated PUR adhesive. This polyurethane reactive glue gives book spines a strong, yet flexible, hold on a wide range of stocks. The integrity of a book remains the same, whether it’s printed on coated or uncoated paper.

The adhesive can also withstand extreme temperatures ranging from 4º to 248º F – which can sometimes feel like a typical forecast range in any given week here in Wisconsin. Groan.

All kidding aside, this is an important detail particularly if your print piece ends up in a very cold or hot setting. For example, thanks to this glue, snowmobile manuals avoid a brittle breakdown in the winter and car manuals won’t lose pages baking away in a glove compartment over the summer.

ECO-Friendly Features

Unlike its EVA-bound counterparts, PUR-bound print pieces can also be recycled in full without removing the glue beforehand. Our perfect binding machine’s energy output is also more efficient since the polyurethane reactive glue applies at a lower heat.

Is Sustainability Important To You?

It is to us. Learn more about our sustainability efforts.


Material Specs

Print Area


Book Size Max

320 x 320 mm (12.59″ x 12.59″)

Book Size Min

145 x 105 mm (5.71″ x 4.14″)

Book Thickness

1 to 65 mm (0.04″ to 2.56″)

Cover Size Max

320 x 670 mm (12.59″ x 26.37″)

Cover Size Min

135 x 225 mm (5.31″ x 8.85″)

Cover Weight Range

Normal: 81.4 to 302.4 gsm (24# to 76#)
Coated: 104.7 to 348.9 gsm (28# to 87#)

Production Speed

Max 1,000 cycles/hr

Bottom Line

Machine Features:

  • Advanced automation
  • PUR glue adhesive

Your Advantages:

  • Flexible yet sturdy binding
  • Binding solutions for pieces with very large page counts (think phone book thickness)
  • Adds polish to the final print product
  • Relatively low cost
  • Numerous material, finish size, and thickness capabilities
  • Efficient turnaround time

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