Meet Terry Amerson, Sales & Estimating Guru

Before a print project hits the press, a few things need to happen. First, our account managers work with customers to determine and finesse the job details as the liaison between Delzer’s external and internal communication.

Our estimating department then quotes the project, taking into consideration the full scope of it. Materials, quantities, labor, outsourcing needs like die cuts or different packaging techniques, and the like all get factored into these estimates.

Terry’s role here is a bit different from that of the rest of our team at Delzer. He handles both customer accounts and putting together estimates. This hybrid role requires knowledge and know-how in both departments, which Terry handles with poise and a positive attitude.


Meet Terry Amerson, Sales & Estimating Guru

Name & Title

Terry Amerson, Sales and Estimating


Racine, WI

Educational Background

Bachelors of Science from UW-Madison


First Job

My first job was in Racine from ’67 to ’70 as a Drugstore Cowboy. I worked in an old-fashioned drugstore, with elaborate glass apothecary globes hanging over a long marble counter where I served sodas and phosphates of all kinds, like Green Rivers, Cherry Cokes, hot fudge sundaes, banana splits, malts and shakes.

I also counted pills for the pharmacist, stocked shelves, and sold cosmetics, perfumes, and cigarettes. It was a great place to work in West Racine, where my family and friends would regularly visit after school.


What Attracted You to Delzer

Delzer has a great reputation in the industry for exceptional quality and service. In my previous employment, I had always regarded Delzer as tough competition and was therefore very pleased that I was given the opportunity to continue my career with so prestigious a printer.


About Your Role at Delzer

I have always believed my role at Delzer is to make everybody else’s jobs (both my customers and my coworkers) as easy as I can and provide fair and accurate estimates.


Favorite Way to Get it Right for Customers

Delivering quality materials on time and under budget.


Proudest Moment at Delzer

When I accepted on behalf of Delzer a “Best of Division” award from the GLGA for the Marquette University Engineering Magazine. This was an award Delzer earned for print excellence. And I want to thank you all!

(Read the full blog about this here.)


Career Advice to Someone Interested in Your Field

Don’t let anyone tell you that print is dead. While it is quickly changing, the print industry is alive with new possibilities and opportunities. Go to trade shows and read the professional literature. If you want to make this a career, you must make it part of your job description to keep up with the newest technologies and trends.


Motto/Personal Mantra

Measure twice, no, measure three times, cut once. And don’t trust autocorrect. Ever.


Favorite Thing to do in Your Free Time



If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it?

A Life in the Day


If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Calamari Doré as prepared by Marin Joe’s.