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The Wellness Network

How a national leader in actionable patient education and engagement used print logistics to cost-effectively scale personalization to meet customer needs.

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A leader in patient education and engagement solutions that uses healthcare insight and technology to create and deliver content that meets the evolving needs of health care systems, organizations, and providers to improve patient outcomes and consumer health.

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Make Your Right Move

The Wellness Network (TWN) offers a range of comprehensive health education and engagement solutions to deliver original, professionally endorsed, and award-winning education to patients across the care continuum that drives improved outcomes. 

With a presence in over 50% of hospitals nationwide, The Wellness Network’s tools allow healthcare systems to provide patients with a range of comprehensive solutions tailored to and branded by their organizations, while simultaneously being nimble and adaptive to the evolving and varied needs of patients.

The Wellness Network, which is privately held by Granite Bridge Partners, has rapidly grown from 8 employees in 2010 to 70 employees today with a Pewaukee, WI headquarter and offices in Eau Claire, WI; Melbourne, FL; New York, NY; and Baltimore, MD.

This is how they made the right moves for their business using print and fulfillment.

Using Print Logistics to Scale Personalization and Cut Costs.

featuring TWN’s President of Business Growth, Andrew Romagna

The Challenge.

A Catch-22

The Wellness Network needed to figure out a way to drive product usage as cost-effectively as possible using a cross-channel marketing strategy of print, online resources and tools, and phone support. Furthermore, they needed to do this while maintaining scalability for over 3,000 hospitals nationwide, each of whom are more inclined to use these tools when branded to their own organization.

Customization. Scalability. Budget. If any of these three logistics didn’t cohesively align, The Wellness Network’s efforts would fail to produce the intended effect.

For example, one of the offerings The Wellness Network provide are on-site patient education channels and accompanying TV guides. If The Wellness Network shipped tailor-branded guides with markers for nurses to physically write in 1,000+ channels on each guide, it didn’t get done. The tedious process coupled with nurse staff workloads meant patients didn’t get the content they needed. On the other hand, if The Wellness Network printed the variable data guide content on generic guides, hospitals lost interest because of the lack of association with their organization.

Troubling Two-fold

To combat this, The Wellness Network went to market for a full-throttle print solution. But when contacting other printers, The Wellness Network found themselves faced with pushback on customization, scalability, and budget.

“Every other printer said it can’t be done. They said, “If you want this price, I can’t customize.””

Creating numerous, custom-branded tools consisting of relevant content for a variety of patients at thousands of nation-wide locations could quickly snowball into a budget and scalability nightmare. Instead of finding a partner to help solve these challenges, The Wellness Network was finding vendors who couldn’t – or wouldn’t – support their needs.

The Solution.

Creative Optimization = Scalable customization

Delzer, on the other hand, rose to the challenge. The team explored creative print solutions to solve The Wellness Network’s customization issues, while still factoring in budget-savvy scalability.

For example, The Wellness Networks’ on-site educational TV guides – as mentioned previously – are complex by nature. There are numerous channels, numerous topics, and numerous hospital affiliations to include. By running multiple print passes on each guide and using both offset and digital print capabilities, Delzer customizes millions of materials, and efficiently distributes them to participating health care organizations.

“The complexity of the guides, with a spreadsheet of all the channels, that’s a huge win. Having your brand on the guide makes it that much more powerful.”

Care continuum touchpoints

By creatively optimizing tools like these using industry strategies, Delzer supports The Wellness Network’s goal to deliver original, professionally endorsed, and award-winning educational content when and where it’s needed across the care continuum.

“Success to me is more patients accessing and consuming our content. How do we get there? We need a solution that can easily integrate into a complicated hospital workflow. Delzer helped come up with the solutions we need to be successful.”

The Outcome.

Solution-Oriented Convenience

The Wellness Network’s retention and satisfaction of those hospitals they serve is significantly higher with batched customized products. As The Wellness Network continues to push the next version, close collaboration and streamlined processes are key in this relationship.

From creative print and packaging, to on-brand ordering sites and strategic delivery methodologies, Delzer is nimble and eager to problem-solve The Wellness Network’s evolving needs – and all conveniently under one roof.

“The easy thing for a printer to say is the item is ‘x dollars’ – the hard thing is to customize and problem solve. Delzer has focused on high touch, high customer care, high can-do attitude. No project is too small.”

A Reliable Partnership

The Wellness Network continues to grow their own strategic relationships with hospitals throughout the country. And, Delzer continues to provide the interest, flexibility, and capacity for out-of-the-box solutions to meet TWN’s needs.

“We’ve worked together to streamline our processes. We have people who are operationally focused, and we’ve always felt like we have a partnership with Delzer, not just a vendor.”

Make Your Right Move.

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