Seamless storage, ordering, picking, packing and delivery starts here.

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Dedicated: Space

With over 30,000 square feet of dedicated warehouse space there’s plenty of room for your projects. Optimize space and lower operating expenses with our organized warehouse flow.

Detail: Oriented

Our team of fulfillment experts pick, pack, and navigate product destination routes confidently with SKU tracking and inventory management systems using lot, batch, and serial numbering.

Optimized: Efficiency

We’re focused on continuous improvement like new processes and innovations to enhance fulfillment efficiencies over time.

Ready: For You

We’re here to discuss kit assembly solutions that make sense for your business.

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Top Types of Picking methods

Our fulfillment experts use these picking methods in the warehouse

Wave picking

Targets individual line items for picking

Batch picking

Like wave picking, but for simultaneous orders

Zone picking

Staging picks in a specific area

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Kit Assembly

Kitting provides customized materials ready for your audience.