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Wide format print makes an impression. When it comes to materials, dimensions and techniques, this digital sub-department has a unique skill set.

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– Introducing –

Delzer’s new wide-format print location and capabilities are so BIG they need an identity all their own.

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Wide Format Techniques

roll-fed inkjet printing

flatbed Inkjet printing with white ink

NEW! Rigid + Roll-fed Multilayering inkjet printing



Application Examples

There are limitless applications when it comes to wide format. The key is determining what fits with your content strategy. Our team is dedicated to figuring out how wide format fits in with your business, not the other way around.

•  Wall art  •  Promotional Materials  •  Outdoor signage  •  Free-standing banners  •  Event Signage  •  Window Clings  •  Wall adhesives  •  prototype samples  •  Guerrilla Marketing  •  and more!  •


Wondering what you can print your next big project on? Here are various materials that work well on our equipment.

•  Acryilc  •  Backlit Media  •  Banners  •  Brushed Metal  •  Canvas  •  Cardboard  •  Fluted Plastic  •  Foamcore  •  Lenticular  •  Plaques  •  Poster Paper  •  Sintra  •  Styrene  •  Tyvek  •  Vinyl  •  Wall Adhesive  •  Window Cling  •  Wood  •


Our new router cuts any shape in a fluid motion, giving your wide format pieces smooth and precise edges in any shape you need.

New! Multidimensional Media

Our new rigid and roll-fed printing press gives intricate detail to your prints using ink buildup to create multilayered, raised art.

New! Lamination Station

Our new wide-format laminator creates custom layers over your 18″ x 24″ and larger prints. Dry erase, UV protection, scratch resistance, and more – there are hundreds of lamination applications to give your wide format prints a special touch.

Limitless Length

Our roll-fed inkjet banner printing press allows you to print up to 60″ wide by as long as you need.

White Ink

Our flatbed printing press allows you to print white ink – something that those familiar with the printing industry understand to be a unique capability.

:60 Short – Creating Giant Girl scout Cookies

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