Moving Business Forward with Fulfillment and Logistics

Stay-at-home mandates may be easing throughout the U.S., but challenging waters continue to churn for businesses as they work hard to recover from the economic impacts of coronavirus.

With almost every industry experiencing disruptions, businesses across the country are finding themselves faced with questions relating to:

  • Moving product
  • Managing inventory
  • Countering declines in revenue
  • Workspace availability
  • Personnel concerns

Moving business forward with fulfillment + logistics

You might find your business treading differently at this time.

New remote work-from-home operations, reduced capacity in space or personnel, or spring cleaning of processes and inventory to keep up capital can all bring uncomfortable, but necessary, changes to move business forward.

Third-party (3PL) fulfillment and logistics solutions can make those changes less uncomfortable – even streamlining business in new ways.

Will 3pl fulfillment + Logistics work for you?

Pop Quiz:

  • Are you fulfilling more than 10 orders on prints, kits, or products per day?
  • Are you lacking or running out of costly inventory space?
  • Is your on-site personnel and system struggling to keep up with demand?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your fulfillment and logistics operations could benefit from partnering with a 3PL vendor. Take the guesswork out of your fulfillment and logistics, gain speed, and grow business.

Advantages of 3PL fulfillment + logistics

Managed Optimization

Picking and packing product, assembling kits, storing and managing inventory, and shipping, mailing, and delivery are what 3PL partners, like Delzer, do every day.

We specialize in optimizing fulfillment and logistics using inventory management integration for industries like healthcare, education, manufacturing, sports, service, and finance.

If you’re trying to juggle this detail of your business on your own, you might be achieving substandard results.

Freed Up Resources

Processing orders require space and a structured system. Outsourcing these responsibilities frees up resources to focus on other key business operations to continue moving products and services.

Lightened Overhead

A fulfillment team and leased warehouse space increases overhead and takes away from crucial capital. If 3PL fulfillment and logistics aren’t in your wheelhouse, you’re likely not benefitting from these additional costs.

Fulfilling expectations

How can businesses deal with fulfillment disruption during this? By becoming more nimble.

We know a few things about being nimble, ourselves. Delzer has evolved over the course of its 70+ years in business. And, with that, we’ve expanded print operations to also focus on a variety of fulfillment solutions to meet customer demand.

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Our quality-control process, willingness to meet demand, and the right combination of speed and accuracy necessary for businesses to improve their customer experiences are a crucial part of the makeup to our success.

Businesses trust us with their brand, sales, inventory, and other sensitive information through the following fulfillment services.

Store: Warehousing

Warehousing solutions allow you to gain physical space for your inventory while still feeling in control. With over 55,000 square feet of dedicated warehouse space, there’s plenty of space for your finished inventory – no matter how far in advance or how many orders you have.

We provide SKU usage tracking and inventory management on items, such as:

  • Print matter (sell sheets, instruction manuals, binders, catalogs, anything with ink and a substrate)
  • Premium items
  • Product samples and kits

Order: Online Storefronts

Not in the office? No problem.

Order and manage your product anywhere, anytime using a Delzer-hosted online storefront tailored to your business and built to reflect your brand. An online storefront allows you to track inventory, usage, backorders, and more with endless reporting under privacy settings set by you.

In addition to being convenient and data-driven, they’re also cost-effective. Site admins can set order limits, create approval settings, request reprint notifications – all to reduce redundancy, and stay on budget.

Assemble: Kit Assembly

Kitting is a low-cost way to move inventory and create a sense of purpose around a particular set of items. Kit assembly is also ideal for distributing marketing or promotional materials, even boosting sales of a particular item that is otherwise difficult to sell.

Kits can be static or custom, ranging in quantities from a single unit to thousands and produced in advance or on an as-needed basis.

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Deliver: Mailing, Shipping, and Local Delivery

Our team of fulfillment experts picks and packs your materials for shipment to their final destinations using local or multi-national courier services like USPS, FedEx, UPS, and freight.

Mailing lists are vetted, and mail pieces are processed and sorted per U.S.P.S. regulations. Niche mailings are also offered using Delzer’s data list management and variable data capabilities.

your business is Going Places

If the coronavirus has taught us anything when it comes to business and economics, it’s that being nimble is crucial.

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So, while you still might not be going anywhere, anytime soon with social distancing measures, that doesn’t mean your business can’t.

The right 3PL partner can change your business for the better, and help you navigate during times like the COVID-19 pandemic and the better days that lie ahead.

Let’s discuss what Moves Your Business

Are you ready for the next level in your fulfillment and logistics operations? Our fulfillment experts are here to discuss solutions that make sense for your business.

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    Order static and custom kits in quantities from one to hundreds.

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    Deliver product with local or multi-national courier services.