4 Types of Canvas Wrap Edges

Since Delzer’s wide-format department has grown, so too have our capabilities. We’re excited to now also offer canvas-wrapped prints in our arsenal of big print.

What we love about canvas prints:

  • Durable – Stretched canvas prints are more durable and long-lasting than other materials, like foam boards and even wood products, which break down and warp over time.
  • High Quality – The texture and weave of the print is accentuated with a stretched canvas, adding dimensions and interest to the artwork.
  • Makes a Statement – It’s sleek, looks good in any setting, and doesn’t require framing.
  • Great Gift Option – Feeling the stress of upcoming holiday shopping? Gifting a print like this will leave an impression with even the most challenging recipient on your list.

Stretched canvas can be customized both in size and edge wrap options, as outlined below.

4 Types of Canvas Wrap Edges

1. Black Border Edge

A black border wrap along the edge of the canvas gives a clean, minimal look. As you can see, the image only appears on the front of the canvas while the sides are left in solid black.

2. White Border Edge

A white border wrap gives a similar effect as the black border, but, you know…in white. White borders can make your canvas appear to float if it’s placed on light-colored walls.

While we didn’t have a sample on-site to share, we’re confident you can visualize it for yourself.

3. Mirrored Edge

With a mirrored edge, the sides of the canvas’s image reflect a portion of the front image to cover the sides of the canvas. It blends seamlessly for being an optical illusion.

4. Stretched Edge

A stretched edge takes a portion of the canvas’s front image and pulls it taught along the sides. This creates a slight warp in the side’s art, so if important details would visible there, consider using a different style edge.

Canvas Wrap Sizes

Printed canvases are wrapped to size around a wooden frame. Below are the frame sizes available to order. Any combination of two sizes can be used to make a canvas wrap. So, for example, you could order a canvas that is 10×20, 24×45, 18×60, and so on and so forth.

  • Category 1: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 inches
  • Category 2: 20, 24, and 27 inches
  • Category 3: 30, 34, 36, and 38 inches
  • Category 4: 40, 44, 45, and 48 inches
  • Category 5: 52, and 54 inches
  • Category 6: 60 inches

One thing to note: One of the dimension needs to be 45” or less in order to fit on the roll of canvas material, and still give us enough material to wrap around the frame. The largest rectangle measurement we can offer is 45”x60″, and the largest square measurement is 45”x45”.

Wrapping Up

To review, this new wide-format print product provides a clean, upscale look fitting for a variety of environments and customizable in edge wrap selection as well as size. And, while canvas wraps are pricier than certain other materials like foam board, they last longer and look better.

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