Keep Your Direct Mail Out of the Trash: 6 Tips for a Successful Campaign



  1. 1. Confirm Contact Information.

  2. We couldn’t resist including this tip, even though it’s more about how to make sure your piece even arrives at its destination. The devil is in the details here; a poorly populated contact list can cost you not only the wasted postage and materials but potential sales or exposure as well.
  3. Learn more about how data list management can help expedite your mailing.
  4. 2. Personalize it.

  5. Help your piece stand out by personalizing your pieces with each recipient’s name using digital variable printing.
  6. 3. Make it Relevant to the Reader.

  7. Take some time to categorize your contacts into specific niche markets, and target them appropriately. For example, a college institution will send out different pieces for prospective students, current students, and alumni.
  8. 4. Incentivize it.

  9. Who doesn’t like a little monetary motivation? Offering BOGOs, waiving a fee, or other limited time offers can help keep your print piece for turning into a makeshift trash bin basketball as soon as it’s in someones’ hands.
  10. 5. Make it Look “COOL!”

  11. If your budget allows and fits with the type of direct mail project you’re planning, taking advantage of different printing and finishing techniques can help you stand out amongst the competition. Metallic inks, die cuts, spot-gloss finishing, eye-catching designs, or different paper stocks are just some of the ways to earn a double take from your audience. Talk with your Delzer Representative for ideas!
  12. 6. Follow Up.

  13. After you’ve sent out your direct mail, follow up by print, email, or – where appropriate – phone. The more personal and motivating your communication is, the better.