Delivering Bleeding-edge Solutions to Mail and Small-format Packaging

Welcome to the bleeding edge in cost-effective mail and package printing. No, literally.

This innovative new service offering through Delzer now allows for inkjet printing capabilities for mail and small packages that otherwise would involve a third party to accomplish, including printing items like envelopes with bleeds.

This means a number of things. For us, it means expanding our offerings for affordable short-run and custom color print jobs while simultaneously increasing productivity.

For you, it can mean even more.

Here are a few ways how this new capability translates to solutions for your business:

  • Quality imagery and brand aesthetics
  • Versatility in materials, sizes, and uses
  • Flexibility in order quantity

Quality Imagery and Brand Aesthetics

If you’ve ever ordered colorfully printed envelopes before–whether that was for general branding needs or a specific campaign strategy–you might be familiar with the disappointing realization that envelope art traditionally can’t be printed all the way to the edge. (At least, not without involving a specialty envelope printer who prints, die cuts, folds, glues, and then finally assembles the envelopes.)

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The reason for this is because of the industry’s equipment setup and process. A standard printer’s toner or ink needs to “bleed” past the designated dimensions to achieve that to-the-edge finish.

On a simple sheet of paper, this is no problem to achieve; we print the art .125″ beyond the final dimensions and then trim off the excess material. But, as you might have already pieced together, that is not possible with envelopes given their pre-folded nature; it would basically render their function useless.

Enter the MACH 6 inkjet printer.

This inkjet printer’s setup allows art to spray beyond the material’s full dimensions, giving that same high-quality product that reflects your brand as a polished and thorough team of professionals. It might appear as if you paid dearly for this look–but that can be our little secret.

Versatility in Materials, Sizes, and Uses

This machine isn’t just about envelope printing, though. The MACH 6 digital printer also prints other mail piece types and even small-format packaging.


Some materials to consider for your next project–aside from paper–that work with this print method are:

  • Chipboard
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Folding cartons
  • Standard envelopes
  • Padded envelopes
  • Tyvek
  • Uncoated Kraft paper

A few materials that won’t cooperate with this printing process, however, are synthetics and photo paper. These materials give the ink from the inkjet nothing to absorb into, and therefore compromises the art.

Size Specifications

Print Area: Up to 8.77″ x 40″ with full-bleed capability under 8.6”

Material Size Min (LxW): 4″x3″

Material Size Max (LxW): 17″x10.5″

Material Thickness: Up to 3/8″ or 9.5 mm


This inkjet printer also has the capability to produce variable data in a breeze, making it a perfect print solution for personalized pieces like:

  • Product samples
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Padded envelopes
  • Coin envelopes
  • Seed packets
  • Invitation envelopes
  • Small kits

This video shows a variety of print samples that work well on this equipment.

Flexibility in Order Quantity

This new capability also allows us to provide affordable, short-run digital color printing. You want one single box printed? Done. You want 500? Order up.

Of course as with many business models, the higher the quantity ordered, the better the price break generally. It never hurts to thoroughly strategize your marketing and fulfillment plans. Our team of experts can work with you to make an informed decision that fits your goals.

In Conclusion

Thanks to this new equipment, your printed mail and small-format packaging can have high-quality imagery with exceptional creative freedom that offers a strong ROI in terms of cost, time, versatility, and flexibility for short-run print jobs.


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