The Benefits of Printing Offset with Delzer

Back in early 2015, Delzer replaced an older mini-web press and two 6-color, 40” offset presses with a brand new, 40″ 8-color Komori Lithrone GL840P perfecting offset press that prints with H-UV inks. That’s a lot of old, tired iron going out and new, sleek, fancy iron coming in.

As we anticipated, the new press has been transformative for business for obvious reasons, of course, relating to:

  • Streamlined processes
  • Greater productivity
  • Higher quality output
  • Enhanced print options* for our customers (*such as super cool reticulating varnish and UV coating techniques)

It goes beyond the obvious, however. It’s weird to think a piece of machinery can change a company’s identity and culture, but it has. Those of you who attended our Open House know what we’re talking about. All this said, here’s the skinny on our game-changing press:


With offset printing – a.k.a. lithography or sheetfed printing – our pre-press technicians process an electronic print file onto a metal plate imaged with a laser for each ink color, so a 4/4 process print project would require 8 plates.

Once the plates are automatically mounted to the plate cylinders in the press, the press will make the precise calibrations to ensure the plates, substrate, and rubber print “blanket” interact to transfer the ink to the sheet with just the right levels of color application. If there are any last minute tweaks needed, our skilled press operators know just what to do to get it right.


The Komori Lithrone GL840P has eight ink chambers. This allows for both CMYK and PMS colors plus coating effect options like spot gloss or reticulating varnish on sheet thicknesses of 50# up to 24pt. No matter what combination of colors and finishes you’re looking to do on your print project, this bad boy makes it possible – and in just one pass.

A colorful print sheet ready for review at our Komori Lithrone GL840P’s digital helm.


Although file preparation and proofing can take a little more time up front in offset print, things move quickly once approval is given to proceed with the job.

How quickly, you ask? This beast of a machine boasts a run speed of 15,000 2-sided 40″ sheets per hour. Think about that next time you’re tapping your foot waiting for your in-office printer to spit out your meeting agenda.

The H-UV innovative curing system also increases turnaround time. This powderless instant drying system allows printed sheets to be cut and folded immediately after they come off the press.


Not only does H-UV add to the quick turnaround time, it also is an eco-friendly alternative to other presses. It cuts down the amount of CO2 emissions and doesn’t emit ozone like conventional UV lamps.

The H-UV also lowers heat emission and power consumption so when that sheet comes “hot off the press” it’s only about 10 degrees warmer than the surrounding temperature.

A Delzer Press Operator pulls off some printed materials hot off the press without a sweat.

Because of the reduction in consumable and energy usage, our Komori Lithrone GL840P lowers our overall print production carbon footprint. Two enthusiastic green thumbs up!


Not every print project is a candidate for offset printing. Projects with smaller quantities and quicker turnaround needs are usually a better fit to print digitally. We offer offset and digital printing along with wide format in our print services offerings. So regardless of your quantity, timeframe or sheet size, we’ve got you covered.

Review the infographic difference between offset and digital print here at your leisure or get in touch with us to determine which printing method will work best for your next project.