Standard Horizon StitchLiner Mark III Bindery Equipment

Bindery Equipment Profile: Standard Horizon StitchLiner Mark III

Have we mentioned how excited we are about the new additions to our bindery department?

Not only are we excited because our print-obsessed professionals have new toys to amp up our output capabilities, these machines will help us take your bindery projects to new levels of fantastic.

Bindery Equipment Profile: Standard Horizon StitchLiner Mark III

Our new stitcher does it all: from folding and collating to saddle-stitching booklets of varying sizes — putting the finishing touches on your projects with efficiency and quality.

The Standard Horizon StitchLiner Mark III bindery equipment uses a sophisticated automated setup to miraculously turn flat sheets into beautiful, high-quality booklets.

Bindery Project Applications

The StitchLiner Mark III combines flat-sheet collating, folding, saddle stitching, and three-knife trimming into a single system. It features an expanded booklet size range and increased production output of up to 6,000 booklets per hour.

Using the StitchLiner Mark III, we can produce a wide range of beautiful, effective pieces including landscape-size booklets, 12” x 12” calendars, and even pocket-sized booklets as small as 4.5” by 3.5”.

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Speedy Production

This machine’s make-ready time is its super-power. From the last piece off to the next piece on, the quick setup and improvement in overall turnaround time allows us to produce stitched booklets in their final form at a faster rate than before.

This machine can handle short runs, long runs, and anything in between.

Fully Automated

The StitchLiner Mark III offers a fully automated setup, allowing us to set stitching head settings and adjust book thickness at the trimmer. The automated setup lets us deliver high-quality booklets with greater efficiency, even for variable stitch length and variable page count booklets.

Material Specs

Print Area


Sheet Size Max

356 x 508 mm (14″ x 20″)

Sheet Size Min

140 x 194 mm (5.5″ x 7.6″)

Booklet Size Max (before trim)

356 x 254 mm (14” x 10”)

Booklet Size Min (before trim)

140 x 97 mm (5.5” x 3.8”)

Trim Width

2 to 25.4 mm (0.08” to 1”)

Production Speed

Up to 6,000 booklets/hour

Bottom Line

Bindery Machine Features:

  • Fully-automated settings
  • Variable production for thickness, stitch length, and page count
  • High production speed
  • High-quality finishing

Your Advantages:

  • Combines the efficiency and ease of flat sheet collating with the productivity, versatility, and quality of a saddle-stitching system
  • User-friendly, high productivity, and versatility
  • Expanded range of applications

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