Breaking Ground with the Milwaukee Bucks and Brand Loyalty


Tuesday, December 5th was a big day for basketball fans in the Milwaukee area.

We hope you’re sitting down for this news: yesterday, the first eight seats were installed in the new Milwaukee Bucks arena.


A View Ahead

This next step in construction marked a milestone for the arena in progress, which is scheduled for completion next fall. To celebrate, the six most tenured season ticket holders–including Mike Delzer–were invited to test out the extra leg room and check out the new view from the lower bowl of the arena.

Over a three-generation period of ownership, Delzer Lithograph has loyally held season tickets with the Milwaukee Bucks since their first season in 1968. We look forward to enjoying our season tickets with business partners, customers and friends for years to come as brand-loyal fans of the Milwaukee Bucks.


Speaking of Brand Loyalty

So what makes a consumer brand loyal? Certainly, we can’t all attribute our own positive brand association with the likes of “Greek Freak” Giannis Antetokounmpo whom fans of the Milwaukee Bucks cheer on with amped up enthusiasm. (Rightfully so, this guy seems to have the potential to be the greatest basketball player ever, according to Kevin Durant.)

However, “Greek Freak” association or not, you can achieve beast mode force in brand loyalty with a consistent approach genuine to who you are as a company.

Here are our favorite ways to break through the barrier in brand loyalty:


Customer Service

Pop Quiz: When is customer service most important; before, during, or after your sale?

If you answered, “All of the Above” you’re on the right track. Consistent, quality services and products are key in all phases of business.

Building trust and establishing new relationships are important, but retaining those relationships are crucial to a brand-loyal base. Customers should know that you’re available for support long after that invoice is filed away.



This one seems almost too obvious to mention, but if your service or product quality is below customers’ expectations, you can bet that they’ll find someone who can make you a quickly forgotten business of the past – or, worse yet, an infamous tale to regale on the golf course.



Depending on the industry and market type, customer loyalty should be rewarded with discounts, special offers, or other forms of appreciation. Being generous with your customers (again, as appropriate for your industry and profession) not only provides them with a positive experience, it also encourages a mutually beneficial relationship for both of you.

It’s important to mention, though, that loyalty and growth should not be measured in the same arena. Certain methods of rewards may not be sustainable with a wide-spread audience and should be considered carefully.

For those favorite fans of your brand, going a little out of your way is a great incentive for word of mouth–and that’s an invaluable form of promotion.



You’ve probably done business before with what seemed to be an attentive company, only to feel totally forgotten once the transaction was complete. Call us old-fashioned, but we feel a genuine “Thank You!” goes a long way.

Other ideas could be to wish them well on their birthday, business anniversary, or holidays. No matter what industry, people respond to feeling appreciated beyond business.


Score Big with Your Brand

Just as the Milwaukee Bucks paid homage to tenured season ticket holders by inviting them to experience a game-changing step, you too can get creative in moves that encourage customer loyalty befitting to your brand.

For more ideas on how to increase and maintain your brand loyalty, click that enticing little button below.

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