Celebrating Those Close to Us (Without Getting Too Close)

Under normal circumstances, senior spring athletes at Waukesha South High School would be well into their final season of high school sports.

But, few aspects of our daily routines as we once knew it remain right now.

Prints Like Team Spirit

To keep spirits up and offer recognition to sidelined athletes, Waukesha South’s Athletic Department and Booster Club surprised students with staked signs outside each of their homes.

The signs, which were printed in Delzer’s wide-format printing department, include a special touch: each piece was personalized with the individual student’s name and their represented sport.

This time in their lives is a “senior moment” that senior spring season athletes should still be proud of, pandemic or not.

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A Trend in Thoughtfulness

As physical distancing requirements continue, so does the trend in thoughtfulness.

Signage orders have exploded as additional schools and clubs within the Waukesha school district have jumped on the print-positive trend to honor thousands of teammates, friends, students and teachers in the Waukesha area.

Bring It  – Home

If you know somebody who deserves a shout-out for their accomplishments – be it a student, a frontline worker, or anyone close to you who you’d otherwise be cheering on in person – a surprise in their front yard is sure to gain attention while we all stay safer at home.

Celebrate Someone Close to You
(Without getting too close)

Surprise someone close to you with print.

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