Common Mailpiece Dimensions

The Print-Centric Designer

Designers who specialize in traditional, tangible marketing materials have numerous details to consider when setting up their artwork for print distribution – but for the sake of keeping your attention, we’re only going to focus on two that specifically relate to this post.

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First, designers need to determine both the flat dimensions (how the design comes off the press in raw, full-sheet form) and final dimensions (meaning cut or folded) for the piece they’re producing.

Second, they need to make sure that their final print dimensions will fit within the confines of the designated vehicle intended for its distribution.

For example, business cards need to be designed to fit within a wallet slot, sales handouts need to fit within a folder or booklet, and business letters need to fit snugly in their envelopes.

What Are You Mailing?

When it comes to mailing your print-focused communications, the USPS has set dimensional guidelines for four common domestic mailpieces.

And, being the clever and engaging commercial printer that you know us to be, we’ve taken those guidelines and reworked them into infographic form for your optic entertainment and mental acquisitiveness.

If you’re like our 1200P and 2250P digital one-color presses, however, and prefer things in black & white this below list also gets the point across.

Four Common Mailpiece Dimensions Set by USPS

Minimum Dimensions: 5” x 3.5”
Maximum Dimensions: 6” x 4.25”
Maximum Postcard Thickness: 0.016”

Minimum Dimensions: 5” x 3.5”
Maximum Dimensions: 11.5” x 6.125”
Maximum Letter Envelope Thickness: .25”

Large Envelopes:
Minimum Dimensions: 11.5” x 6.125”
Maximum Dimensions: 15” x 12”
Maximum Large Envelope Thickness: .75”

Maximum Combined Dimensions: 108” (130” for USPS Retail Ground)

The Bottom Line

While there are numerous possibilities when it comes to designing the contents within mailpieces, USPS has specific size guidelines for the mailpieces themselves. Adhering to them ensures the best pricing and most straightforward process when it comes to a mailing.

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