Creating Delzer’s Lobby Signage

Right On, Wisconsin.

Got a minute? We’ll take you through our wide-format printing department’s process of creating custom, multifaceted signage for our lobby – in 60 seconds.

Learn more about materials used, how we created and assembled the piece, and get a dose of #printspiration for on-brand commercial signage of your own.

Creating Delzer’s Lobby Signage – Explained in 60 Seconds

The Process


Our rigid and roll-fed multi-layering inkjet printer prints solid blocks of Delzer’s grey and orange branded colors, followed by the Wisconsin state cutout.

Using different percentages of ink opacity for the state cutout, the brushed aluminum peeks through to produce the shades of grey we want while still maintaining the material’s metallic sheen.


The fun part. Our flatbed router smoothly slices the print’s cutting path with speedy accuracy using a pointed drill bit.


We clean up nice. Aluminum scraps from the routering process are blown off the material and the edges are wiped down for a sharp finish.


It all starts to come together here. A back layer of aluminum material is adhered behind the negative-space quote to maintain the letters’ integrity and add visual interest.

The Wisconsin “wood grain” state cutout also gets a pop of color with an applied Delzer Dot map marker. Extra spacers are placed on the back of the state cutout to bring forth extra dimension, too, so that it rests further from the wall than the other pieces.


Our team installs the three separate print pieces side-by-side in puzzle fashion to create the final look.


The custom, multifaceted piece hangs proudly in its finished state in Delzer’s front lobby. In case you didn’t already know – you’re in the right place.

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