Digitally Driven: New Equipment Announcement

New to Delzer’s digital press floor joins not one, but two new Konica Minolta AccurioPress C6100 digital color presses.

They replace our single KM C7000 digital press, bringing you quicker turnaround time, brilliant color, and value-added features.


Konica Minolta AccurioPress C6100 Features

Secure Speed and Capacity

Hide your personal desktop printer’s eyes – the Konica Minolta AccurioPress C6100 prints 100 pages per minute on both sides simultaneously. We promise not to challenge your old faithful in any future Office Olympics.

Any paper up to 13″ x 29.5″ in size and weight of up to 18 points (equivalent to a thickness like that of a 160# cover stock…if that existed) can be printed duplex on the AccurioPress C6100. That’s some thick material.

This new size capability also means that full-size, six-page brochures can now be produced in short runs digitally. Previously, this was something that was better suited for offset printing, which is usually used for printing larger quantities.


Sharp Imagery

Strong color and consistency are noticeable features of this machine, thanks to a sophisticated quality management system and front-to-back registration. We love how well our digital print technicians can dial in the registration on this machine, producing perfectly positioned text and graphics. The SEAD (Screen-Enhancing Active Digital) Processing System makes sure images remain stable no matter whether you need to run 2 or 2,000 pieces.

With a 1200×1200 DPI resolution and 8-bit processing, this machine also runs smoother, more realistic color images. The Enhanced Simitri HDE toner also does wonders in producing halftones and skin-tone reproduction. Bring on those smiling stock photo model images!

Plus, it definitely doesn’t hurt that the biomass plant-based toner material reduces the environmental impact. You already know how print is greener than some may think if you’ve checked out sustainability efforts in our industry as a whole and specifically, our shop. But go ahead, click here to refamiliarize yourself with our environmentally mindful efforts here.


Crisp Finish

It doesn’t just end with printing: the Konica Minolta AccurioPress C6100’s versatile inline finishing helps your prints finish swiftly. Saddle stitching, perfect binding, and ring binding are all finishing techniques this machine can handle. However, if you’re looking for a different way to finish your prints, our bindery department has you covered.

We’re really excited to also be able to now offer envelope printing on this machine – including variable data! Of course, variable data can also be printed on sheets as well, just like a number of our other digital machines can.

Learn more about variable printing and print on demand.


Do You Speak Fluent Lithography?

For those of you fluent in lithography, the following specs provide a quick recap of the above information.

  • 13″ x 29.5″ duplex capacity
  • 18 pt. substrate capacity
  • Variable printing
  • Envelope printing (including variable printing)
  • Versatile inline finishing
  • 100 ppm color printing output on media up to 400 GSM
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution with 8-bit processing
  • Automated closed-loop quality management system

If you don’t speak fluent lithography but do have a thirst for knowledge, view our Glossary of Terms where you can learn industry-specific definitions – like, lithography, for example.

Ask your Delzer Rep for more specifications regarding this new equipment’s capabilities and limitations when it comes to your upcoming print jobs.


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