Pie Poll: An Infographic of Favorite Thanksgiving Pie Flavors

Trying to narrow down which pies to serve this Thanksgiving? Take it from us. You didn’t ask, but we’re sharing.

Not only are we commercial design, print, and fulfillment experts, but we also have a discerning taste for the buttery, crust-encircled decadence known to fill Thanksgiving tables and waistlines alike.

Our team dished on their most satisfying pie fillings of the season for this short, sweet, and data-rich post. Bon appétit!

Delzer’s Favorite Thanksgiving Pie Flavors

thanksgiving pie flavors

According to Delzer employees, these are the top Thanksgiving pie flavors worth indulging in this holiday:

  • Pumpkin: 67%
  • Cherry: 18%
  • Pecan: 7%
  • Apple: 4%
  • “Other”: 2%
  • Disgraceful Pie Haters: 2%

Honestly, who are these 2% of disgraceful pie haters in our midst? We’re suddenly darty-eyed and skeptical of each other – which only means one thing: we’re truly ready for Thanksgiving!

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