Five Print Materials Your Trade Show Booth Needs

If you’ve attended a trade show, you know how hectic the floor is; it can be challenging to stand out.

Staffing your trade show booth with knowledgeable people is crucial, but it’s also important to arm them with the right tools to attract, inform and engage visitors.

One of these tools? Print.

Print materials are vital contributors to the success of your booth, so don’t overlook them.

Here are five print tools worth including at your next trade show booth to dynamically introduce and demonstrate products and services with decision-makers in attendance.

Five Print Materials Your Trade Show Booth Needs

1. Banners

Barracuda Banners

These freestanding retractable banners are a popular choice because of their professional finish and effortless setup.

Content is printed within the confines of a 31.5″ wide banner stretching from 60″ – 83″ tall on a tension-mounted pole secured by a sturdy retractable base.

The banners themselves can also be swapped out from their stands. When you’re ready to update content, it’s just a matter of printing the next big thing.


Line up 2-3 stands together to use as a backdrop behind a standard 8′ wide booth table –or, for a step-and-repeat as shown here from our open house.

Terry and Keith show off new GLGA hardware on our orange carpet step-and-repeat.


Lightweight and easy to assemble, x-banners are similar to barracuda banners. The 28.5″x 78.5″vinyl banner stretches across the “X” stand, fastening at the four corners.

This is a less expensive setup than its barracuda banner cousin, so it’s a solid option if you need to order multiples or have a more strict budget.

2. Custom Booth Displays

Large Cutouts

There is no “one size fits all” here; whatever design and shape your team can dream up to fit within a 4’x8′ canvas can be done. We’ll print and cut your design to shape on materials such as foam core, styrene, brushed metal and even wood.

There are limitless applications to consider – from a standard easel-mounted board for your table to custom-cut booth props and more.

Learn more about textures and finishes to add to your wide format pieces here.


Check out how we made these giant Girl Scout cookies here to help a local troop gain a competitive edge in sales.

3. Brochures + Supportive Literature

While booth displays grab attendees’ attention, brochures and other industry-appropriate handouts reinforce your message.

Be sure to have eye-catching brochures or other supportive literature in stock for your team to further engage visitors at your table with.

These items give attendees something tangible to hold on to, keeping your name in mind after they’ve left the event.

Tip: Large quantity print orders do well with our high-quality offset print services, which benefit from a number of beautiful finishes. If budget, turnaround time, and variable data are what drive your needs – digitally printed materials might be better suited for you.

Discover how Print on Demand works – for you.


4. Business Cards

You’ve got somebody interested in your company’s product or service and they want to follow up.

Now, where did you put those business cards…?

This one seems so obvious but all too often is overlooked until the last minute. Make sure you have enough business cards on hand to exchange with new connections.

Digitally printed cards are a great way to hand out something fresh customized to your latest marketing campaign.

business card best practices

5. Kits

Kitting is a low-cost way to move inventory and create a sense of purpose around a particular set of items. Kits can be assembled in advance and stored until they are ordered, or completed on demand.

Ready-made kits – like subscription boxes, packaged products, and e-commerce goods – seamlessly display assembled items at your booth, improving the visitor experience and encouraging conversation.

Consider packaging giveaway or raffle items into kits, too, for a tidy look that reinforces your brand.

Consider kitting in your 2020 business strategy


*Bonus: Giveaway Cards*

If you’re raffling off giveaway items to increase sales leads, don’t overlook this last touchpoint – it might be one of the last impressions you make with a decision-maker before they head off to the next booth. Keep your giveaway cards simple and on-brand and you’re good to go.

Armed for Success

Your industry experts should be well-versed on the product or service they’re promoting when hosting your trade show booth. But that doesn’t mean they can, or should, do it all on their own – make sure to arm them with proper print tools to direct foot traffic to your booth and leave a lasting impression.

It’s not just print.
It’s an experience.

Cut through the digital clutter and experience the power of print.