Four Reasons to Fall in Love With Print


It’s that incomparable change in the temperate season marked by colorful leaves, comfy clothes, crisp air, and richly printed paper. (Shhh, just go with it…)

Fall isn’t just a time for women in yoga pants holding pumpkin spice lattes to tell you their favorite things about the season – those of us in the print world are just as enthusiastic about tying in the autumnal equinox with our industry.

Here are four reasons why it’s worth falling in love with print this season.

1. Print is Everywhere

Just like the leaves from deciduous trees, print is everywhere (except, hopefully, your rain gutters).

As many businesses gear up for their 2019 plans, print is sure to be part of the outreach strategy. No matter what industry, the power of print allows teams to push the boundaries of creative communications; no print medium is off-limits to those invested in sharing their message.

2. Print is Personal

Being a traditional communication vehicle, print takes thought and dedication to create.

Digital strategy takes work, too, and without a doubt has its place in business – but once print is printed, it’s permanent. There’s no going back. When you look at a printed piece, you can appreciate the work that’s gone into it. (We certainly do, despite the occasional eye rolls from our families and friends.)

Variable data also adds a personal touch to the tangible medium. We’ve advanced beyond the limitations of blanket messages in print – pieces can now be printed digitally with messages and imagery that change from one printed piece to the next using on-demand variable databases.

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3. Print is Engaging

An industry with a deeply rooted history, print stimulates our senses and provides an unparalleled sensory experience.

The smell of the ink, the appearance of the colors, the finish and thickness of the stock, even the sound of the turning pages all attribute towards the overall “look and feel” you get from a print piece and the brand associated with it.

Today’s technological advancements in the print and finishing process also further enrich an audience’s experience. Soft touch laminate covers, spot varnishes, die cuts and packaging are all examples of additional ways to engage people in print.

4. Print is Memorable

Finally, print is memorable. It cuts through the digital clutter surrounding our day-to-day routine. Print is more than just words and pictures on paper. Sure, it starts with a blank sheet of paper, but it transforms into so much more.

Print inspires, educates, informs, documents and communicates. It excites and entertains. Most importantly, it unifies our collective human experience – and we love that.