Achieving G7 Colorspace Master Qualification Ensures Print Done Right

Great news: for the sixth consecutive year, Delzer has achieved Idealliance’s G7 Master Qualification in our offset print production.

Reading that statement, you might find yourself wondering:

  1. 1. What does that mean?
  2. 2. Why should I care?

We’re glad our client base has such inquisitive minds. Otherwise, this would have been a very short blog.

Here’s the scoop:

The What: G7 Master Qualification

Every year, Ideallance (an international not-for-profit organization in the graphic communication industry) awards qualifying print facilities around the world with G7 Master Qualifications.

To achieve this status, facilities must meet Ideallance’s best practices, specifications, and standards in equipment & system calibration, as well as proofs & print products.

G7 Colorspace Compliance

There are three tiers of compliance within Ideallance’s G7 Master Qualification:

  • G7® Grayscale Compliance
  • G7® Targeted Compliance
  • G7® Colorspace Compliance

Delzer is proud to adhere to their most stringent level of compliance, the G7® Colorspace Compliance.

G7® Grayscale Compliance


Gray Balance

Shared Neutral Appearance

G7® Targeted Compliance



Gray Balance

Shared Neutral Appearance

G7® Colorspace Compliance

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Entire Colorspace



Gray Balance

Shared Neutral Appearance

So, what does the top-tier level of compliance in a graphic communication industry have to do with your business?

The WHy: world-class print output

Brand Consistency

Your brand color matters. You’ve invested numerous resources towards developing and maintaining a precise color consistently aligning with your business’s brand identity.

We respect that. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide measurable, predictable, and uniform color in our print output. Our G7® Colorspace qualification ensures your prints are consistent no matter what material you’re printing on, or when you’re printing it.

Your Brand Color Matters

Your brand color portrays a specific image of your business to your audience. Make sure they see what you see.

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Speedy Set-up

Furthermore, the G7 Master Qualification reduces set-up time and limits reprint needs.

(Plus, if you’re not already familiar with our Komori, this press is an absolute unit. Learn more about how this world-class machine impacts print here.)

Komori Lithrone GL840P

A Print Partner Driven by Continuous Improvement

By selecting a G7 Master-qualified printer, you get the best value solutions. G7 Master-qualified printers, like Delzer, have invested in the equipment, staff training, and auditing to ensure continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Delzer’s G7® Colorspace Master Qualification status is exemplary of our team’s dedication to commercial print done right – and at the highest level of global industry standards and specifications.

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