Happy Earth Day, 2019!

Happy Earth Day!

In keeping with the global recognition of environmental protection and awareness, we focus on Delzer’s print sustainability efforts on Earth Day – along with the other 364 days of the year.

As a society, we’ve been conditioned over the last decade or so to believe that anything that uses trees as it’s primary resource can’t possibly be environmentally friendly. But being that we work with print materials daily here at Delzer, we understand the myths surrounding the print industry. And we’re proud to say with certainty that print is greener than you think.

In fact, the print industry is one of the most sustainable industries in the U.S. We consider ourselves to be a leader in environmentally friendly print practices. Here’s how.

Paper is the Ultimate Sustainable Resource

Paper is a completely renewable resource. Sustainable forest management constantly replenishes the trees that are harvested, making sure that more trees are grown than are harvested each year. In fact, there are 20% more trees in the U.S. today than there were 40 years ago.

Electronic communication is considered to be the green gold standard for businesses and even in our homes. But while everyone is busy using their tablets and e-readers, electronic devices have a huge environmental impact before they ever get into consumers’ hands. And they use more electricity and produce more carbon emissions over their life cycle than any print product.

Take an e-reader, for example. You might curl up with your favorite e-reader and say, “Think of all the trees I’m saving!” But it’s not nearly that simple.

Yes, trees must be harvested to produce anything in print. But those trees are replaced (often at a greater pace than they are harvested) without any harm to the environment. The same can’t be said for an e-reader.

  • Manufacturing an e-reader consumes approximately 100 kilowatt hours of fossil fuels and produces more than 65 pounds of carbon dioxide.
  • Producing one book consumes 2 kilowatt hours of fossil fuels and around 7.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide—a total of 100 times fewer greenhouse gases than what is created during the production of one e-reader.

And that’s just the production process. E-readers, tablets, and smartphones have to be transported (using fossil fuels), and their mass disposal has the potential of becoming a slow-rolling environmental nightmare.

Delzer’s Green Efforts

At Delzer, we work hard to make sure that we are mindful of our environmental footprint every step of the way in our practice. From energy efficient printing presses to mindful toners and inks, FSC® certified paper, and effective recycling practices, we are committed to using the most environmentally responsible products and practices available.

Inks and Toners that Minimize Our Environmental Footprint

We use environmentally responsible inks and toners to further our commitment to minimizing the footprint we make.

  • The UV curable ink used in our offset press cures without being evaporated into the air and doesn’t contain solvent toxins.
  • Our digital color presses use SIMITRI plant-based toner to reduce our environmental impact and cut toner consumption down by 30%.
  • Our wide format banner press uses Eco-ultra ink and LT solvent ink, which keep solvents from being released into the air.

Energy Efficient Printers and Presses

Clients can be confident that our printers and presses meet the highest standards for environmental responsibility.

  • Our Kimori Lithrone offset press reduces consumable energy usage, helping us to lower our carbon footprint.
  • Our digital printing presses use induction heating fixing technology in which only the roller surface of the press is heated, rather than the entire roller—reducing consumption and warm-up time.
  • Our wide format flatbed printer uses dual registration points, allowing for simultaneous print and set-up for uninterrupted production.

Even our bindery operations are environmentally friendly. Our perfect binder uses PUR adhesive, allowing the machine to heat at a lower temperature than the conventional EVA glue.

FSC® Certified Papers and Material Recycling

Recycling is an integral part of our green commitment. We recycle seven different types of materials, including cardboard and stocks. Bins are placed throughout our plant to make recycling easy for our team and to ensure that materials are disposed of properly.

In the 2018 calendar year alone, Delzer recycled over 378 TONS of paper!

Delzer is proud to be an FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified printer. FSC® certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

Spread the Green

While we recognize the importance of print’s green initiatives and walk the talk when it comes to our industry’s sustainability, we can’t do it alone. It’s crucial that organizations of all sizes and industries get on the same page with sustainable solutions, both in print and beyond.

Working with an environmentally-focused printer like Delzer is one small step in the right direction.

Thank you to our customers who place their trust in us to do the right things when it comes to our environmental impact, and to those who do their part in their own day-to-day green efforts at work and at home.

Looking for More Ways to Think Green?

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