Announcing New Supersized Services

There have been plenty of changes already at Delzer this year, but we’re not quite done sharing new ways in which we continue to bring world-class service to our customers in design, print, and fulfillment.

We’re pleased to announce that your printing options with Delzer have gotten even bigger this year – literally. We’ve expanded our wide format print operations, thanks to a recent business acquisition. This means a new location with even more wide-format capabilities.

Room to Spread Out

Delzer’s wide format work used to be handled at our 510 S. West Ave. location along with our other design, print and fulfillment services.

Our new secondary location, 402 Travis Lane in Waukesha, will now be home to all wide-format printing and shipments, thus streamlining and expediting how we move work for both locations.

New Supersized Services

This acquisition brings more wide-format printing and finishing capabilities than ever before here at Delzer. In addition to the roll-fed inkjet printer and flatbed inkjet printer, our new wide-format equipment lineup includes:

  • A Rigid and Roll-fed Multilayering Inkjet Printer
  • A CNC Flatbed Router
  • A Roll-fed Laminator

Feel the Difference

Print traditionally relies on sight to stimulate an audience’s sensory experience. The more eye-catching a printed item, the more engaging it becomes to viewers.

Thanks to today’s technological advancements in the print and finishing process, print can be experienced using additional senses like touch, for instance.

Here’s how our wide format equipment helps viewers experience print on a whole new level:

  • Rigid and Roll-fed Multi-layering Inkjet Printer: This machine print on all sorts of rigid and roll-fed materials. It also uses ink buildup to create multi-layered, raised art to show off intricate details in your print. (Think of it like simulated embossing.)
  • CNC Flatbed Router: This machine cuts material in a fluid motion, giving your wide format pieces smooth and precise edges in any shape you need. (Yep, just like those Fathead wall graphics.)
  • Roll-fed Laminator: This machine applies lamination effects on large prints. There are countless effects to provide protection, textures, and finishes – we’ll help you determine what makes sense for your application.

A custom branded table top: Just one of the many creative applications our rigid and roll-fed multi-layering inkjet printer is useful for.

Limitless Applications

Our wide-format department now offers a slew of new applications for large prints – and, frankly, more than we can list. More doesn’t necessarily mean better, though, because not every application is meant for your needs. The key is determining what fits with your content strategy.

Our team is dedicated to helping you creatively diversify your print-focused communication. Speak with your Delzer Rep to discover how wide-format print can give your brand a special touch, and stay tuned for more to come on this new operation.

Make Big Things Happen