Outsmarting Coronavirus, One Sign at a Time.

As the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise, it’s important now more than ever to set and maintain a safe environment for public settings.

We’ve been busy helping our customers with anything we can in design, print, and fulfillment-related efforts as businesses work hard to get back on track. But, in doing so we became the proverbial shoemaker for a while, lacking our own on-site signage.

We finally carved out time to:
1. Create and print our own signage and
2. Share our messaging strategy (go ahead, steal our ideas!)

Outsmarting Coronavirus, One Sign at a Time.

Preparing the workspace for safe practices

Numerous on-site print pieces have been installed throughout our office and plant to keep a preventive strategy top of mind when it comes to the spread of coronavirus.

The selected communication strategy uses on-brand design elements and content that wields a mixture of empowerment, personal responsibility, and a dash of unexpected humor – a recipe our psychographic of employees respond well to.

Here are the print specifications of those items installed throughout our office and plant.

(Scroll to the bottom of this post to view the full signage photo deck.)


What do workplace idioms, Dracula, and cows have in common?

Stumped? They’re all part of our coronavirus signage content. We pulled inspiration from these categories to drive home CDC recommendations to stop the spread of coronavirus, just using a twist in messaging.

You’ll see what we’re talking about in the photo deck below but in the meantime, for example:

The posters are printed in 11×17 and 18×24 on 100# Gloss Cover weight paper.

Handwashing technique reminders

Want to hear a cringe-worthy statistic? 40% of Americans don’t always wash their hands after going to the bathroom.

Based on that statistic alone, it’s probably worth a reminder for proper handwashing etiquette, pandemic or not.

We printed and placed 6×9 reminders in every bathroom around the shop and office. The chosen material, a synthetic, is perfect for that area because of its water-resistant properties and ability to be wiped down with disinfectant solutions without compromising the piece.

Mandatory Mask Notices

Following Gov. Tony Ever’s mandatory mask mandate, notices are placed at all Delzer entrances to enforce the new protocol upon entry at Delzer.

We printed these using the same synthetic material as the hand-washing messaging. Since it’s waterproof, it will generally hold up well short-term to the Wisconsin elements.

Adhesive Floor + Surface Graphics

You’ve probably seen floor graphics at the grocery store. That’s the same material that we’ve used to remind of social distancing and to designate work zones where needed. We printed the adhesive, then used our wide-format router to cut them to shape.

We like this adhesive because it can be applied to hard surfaces as well as low-pile carpeting and doesn’t leave behind residue.

Free-standing Banners + cutouts

Delzer’s office and shop have a lot of open space. We pride ourselves on it, actually, and are well-known for keeping an immaculate plant.

That being said, sometimes we have to think big when it comes to sharing print content. For example, X-banners are useful for an industry like ours. They stand out in the open factory space amongst the large equipment without becoming an obstacle for efficiency and safety purposes.

And, who doesn’t like a behemoth coronavirus cutout to really drive home a message about how microscopically insidious a virus it really is? We used easel-propped foam board to create the 48″x48″ oversized coronavirus cutouts.

(You can see what we’re talking about below in the photo deck.)

Yard Signs

A slightly smaller version of our freestanding foam board coronavirus cutout, our 30″x30″ yard signs are printed on coroplast (a corrugated “plastic cardboard”) and driven into the ground with a yard stake.

Coronavirus signage at delzer

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