Customize Your Space with Perforated Window Film

If you’ve been to a drive-thru like Starbucks or McDonalds recently, you’ve seen perforated window film like in the above photo–although, maybe with less glaring eyes and gleaming fangs.

Perforated window film is having a big moment in both B2B- and B2C-facing industries, and for good reason. This material transforms otherwise overlooked glass doors and windows, turning them into attention-grabbing printed canvases for your next campaign promotion, brand awareness strategy, or simple, holiday frills.

Customize Your Space with Perforated Window Film

What is perforated window film?

Perforated window film is an adhesive vinyl material that’s covered in uniform, micro-punctured holes. These micro-punctures are small enough to give a high-quality, printed image on one side of smooth-surface glass, yet large enough to allow for full visibility from the other.

Common printed window film uses:

  • Business and storefront advertising
  • Seasonal window decor
  • Product or campaign promotion
  • Window signage
  • General branding
View From Exterior

View fRom Interior

What we love about this print item:

  • Vibrant, high-quality images – Your images and graphics are printed using world-class printers with an advanced four-color process for a clear, high-quality finish.
  • Durable material – This material is designed to withstand outdoor elements, like sun and rain, with weatherproof and waterproof elements for a 3+ year lifespan.
  • Indoor and outdoor use – Although designed to withstand outdoor elements, it’s useful for both exterior and interior smooth-surface glass settings.
  • Privacy, yet maximum visibility – The micro-perforated pattern offers privacy on the side that the decal is applied without compromising the printed art or the view from the other side. Think of it as an opaque graphic on one side with transparent visibility on the other.
  • Easy to install – No professional installation is required for this. However, if DIY tasks aren’t your thing, our team can be available to assist.
  • Safe application and removal – Not only is this perforated film easy to install, but it doesn’t leave any residue behind upon removal.
  • Deflects sunlight – Since these are mainly used to cover entire windows, they also provide shade by deflecting sunlight.
View From exterior

View From Interior

Invest in Your Glass Real-Estate

Perforated window film allows you to be creative with your space and promote what’s important to you. Make the most of the low-hanging-fruit that is your unused smooth-surface glass windows and doors, and invest in this fun, yet functional print application.

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