Printing Brewers Materials for 47 Years and Counting

A number of Milwaukee Brewers materials printed by Delzer that you might see this season.

This is My Crew

The sand has settled on the home plate after a full Opening Day of fans tailgating, checking out Miller Park’s new concessions, and watching our Milwaukee Brewers take on the Colorado Rockies.

But there is more than meets the eye when it comes to attending a game.

Whether it’s food vendors making sure they’ve got the inventory and staff to supply a stadium full of hungry fans, or the Brewers corporate folks tirelessly planning ways to draw a satisfied crowd to the stadium months in advance, it takes a village to bring forth a single successful day.

At Delzer, we share in this behind-the-scenes collaboration.

For the 47th straight season, we’ve worked with the Milwaukee Brewers to produce first-class game day programs, scorecards, season tickets, and parking passes–just to name a few–for baseball fans.


A New Service On Deck

You’ve probably heard the old sports adage, “you can’t tell a ballplayer without a scorecard” – and you can’t visit Miller Park without picking up a game day program.

This year, we’re stepping up to the plate with new creative design services here at Delzer. It’s an honor to provide this added convenience for the Brewers when it comes to their scorecards and game day programs. Each homestand, fans will see a new game day program.

(Check out TMJ4’s coverage of the game day programs on the press, and FOX6 New’s coverage of them in our bindery department.)


Teaming Up to Get It Right

While there are many moving pieces when it comes to printing Brewers materials, our lineup of industry experts makes sure each part of the job is done right.

We think this is why the Milwaukee Brewers have instilled their trust in us for all these years, and we are proud to serve them.