Wedding Planning? 6 Print Materials Worth Including in the Big Day

Wedding Planning?

Wedding planning: there’s nothing quite like it. The bliss. The excitement. The stress. The details. The stress.

Did we mention stress?

The Save the Dates have been sent out, the wedding invitations and reply cards have been ordered. On to the flowers, right? Let’s take a step back.

Creating a full suite of printed wedding materials is an essential detail of wedding planning. However, it oftentimes is completely overlooked until the last minute.

If left out of the planning, not only will a wedding lack detail in the newlywed’s signature style but also crucial information for guests.

We don’t need to spell out all the ways that a lack of information can wreak havoc on an event – we’re here to focus on the positives. This is a day meant to be enjoyed, after all!

Prepare personalized day-of print communications ahead of time to support a successful big day. Here are our top six print recommendations worth including in your wedding planning.

6 Print Materials Worth Including in Your Big Day

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We often highlight the importance of branding businesses, but your personal brand is just as important.

Get creative and have fun customizing these day-of print materials with a consistent style that reflects who you are as a couple.

We’ll help you along the way with design and print strategy, giving one-of-a-kind detail to your ceremony and reception.

1. Welcome Sign

As one of the first things guests see, the welcome sign helps set the tone and direct traffic. Just like any event, guests look for guidance as they’re first settling into the venue.

2. Ceremony Signage and Programs

Next, the ceremony signage and programs. These pieces give guests an outline of what to expect both of the ceremony itself and of themselves. Include both printed pieces, or one or the other.

If you’re requesting specifics like a cell-phone-free ceremony or prefer participants to pick a seat and not a side, inform guests of your wishes upfront with a printed sign.

Use programs to list the order of ceremony, information about the wedding party, and a thank you message from the betrothed for guests to read while waiting for the ceremony to begin, for instance. Printed programs are also a nice keepsake from the day, too.

3. Guest Seating chart

Once you’ve finished agonizing over drafts upon drafts of who sits where (seriously, this has got to be one of the most unnecessarily complex parts of the planning) commit it to ink and don’t look back.

Those two aunts with a never-ending bone to pick? They’re just going to have to see for themselves which tables they’ll be side-glancing one another from using the guest seating chart. Okay, let’s get out of here…duck and dodge, moving on!

4. Food and beverage menus

Half of the fun of planning a wedding is the food – not as if the bride and groom will have the time nor the room in their stomachs with all those butterflies to enjoy it, though.

Individually printed menus outline the meal and can be part of the table arrangements. If you’re serving a buffet-style meal, or have a specialty food bar available like a sundae bar, a simple sign will do the trick.

If cocktails are being served, it’s a good idea to literally spell out to your guests:
A. If there is an open bar.
B. How long the open bar will be available.
C. What’s included in the open bar.

This is Wisconsin, after all…

Day-of Idea: Create a signature cocktail with its very own signage for your wedding – assign it a clever name, outline the anatomy of its contents and add your wedding hashtag for the types of photos a professional photographer will have too much dignity to take.

5. Table Numbers and Place Cards

Table numbers and place cards work hand-in-hand with the guest seating chart, so wedding attendees can easily identify where they’re seated.

If a straight-forward and simple printed piece isn’t enough, custom-cut numbers and name markers can be achieved with our wide-format router, which can print on a variety of materials.

6. Miscellaneous Signage and Prints

There are countless ways you can add a thoughtful touch to a wedding.

Photobooth cutouts, guest books, direction arrows, gift table signage, cake toppers, window clings, and thank you cards, for example, are all ideal ways to visually express yourselves.

Talk to your Delzer Rep to determine the best ways to turn your ideas into reality.

Our router’s fast-forwarded speed is absolutely mesmerizing to watch as it cuts through the photo booth signage.
Check it out!


A wedding suite of print materials gives wedding day guests important information before and during the service and reception, customized to the newlyweds’ style and budget.

With the right details and supportive group of friends, family, and vendors, couples can enjoy a successful and – dare we say – stress-free wedding.

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