We’re Feeling Thankful!


Yesterday afternoon students from Marquette University’s Marquette Journal stopped in at Delzer as we began the press production of the magazine’s latest issue.

Maybe it’s the anticipation of literally stuffing ourselves into a gluttony-induced food coma at a table full of familiar characters later this week, but their visit sparked a feeling of gratitude in our Pantone-coated hearts.

As you coast towards the end of the short work week leading up to Thanksgiving, we’d like to share what makes us thankful here at Delzer.


Thankful for Our Customers

Over our 68 years in the industry, we’ve forged countless partnerships with other businesses ranging from small startups to colossal corporations.

We are thankful for all of these partnerships; they motivate us to continue to grow and evolve by consistently meeting – and often exceeding – expectations.

While we plunged into the digital world this year, we don’t measure our success by followers and likes alone. We succeed when our customers succeed. That’s what keeps us going.


Thankful for Print

There’s just something different about print. It’s tangible, engaging, personal – and most of all, it’s trusted.

Print offers a sensory experience that can’t be replicated in the digital world (cover your eyes, Delzer blog). There are countless directions a print piece can go with substrates, colors, and effects – all of which are made possible with print.

Variable data also helps personalize and target audiences in print, taking messages to the next level in making communication memorable.


Thankful for Our Team

We wouldn’t be the type of company we are if it wasn’t for all the employees behind the scenes who make our design print, and distribution services happen – and happen right.

For three generations of blood, sweat, and ink, we’ve employed a team of print professionals focused on getting it right for our customers. We say what we do and do what we say in an accountable, timely manner thanks to all the folks here at Delzer.


Thankful for Curious Minds

And, to bring it full circle, we are thankful for the next generation of print. The curious minds like those of students at MU Journal who are eager to learn the art of print and how it impacts their career paths.

Working with print gives students new experiences, new exposure to a historically rich process, and a new way to shine…especially if they’re using the UV gloss coating on our Komori Lithrone perfecting press!

Check out the Marquette Journal’s latest issue in final form when it hits newsstands on November 29th.


The Marquette Journal’s cover rests on Delzer’s Komori Lithrone GL840P perfecting press. (Photo credit: Andrew Himmelberg, Marquette Wire)

Students involved in the production of the Marquette Journal eye up the cover as it comes off the press.

A team member of Marquette Journal poses with the cover in production. (Photo credit: Andrew Himmelberg, Marquette Wire)

Thankful for You!

We are thankful, of course, for curious minds of all ages. A day learning something new is a day well spent. We thank you for your readership and support, and welcome you to stop in and share in all that we are thankful for here at Delzer.

Have a safe and warm Thanksgiving holiday!