What’s Love Got To Do With Print?

Roses are red, violets are blue, where does Valentine’s Day rank in greeting card sales? Why, number two.

Christmas certainly takes the yule log in greeting card sales with an estimated 1.5 billion cards shared between families, friends, and businesses.

Valentine’s Day takes second place in print popularity, though. Roughly 143 million cards are sent in honor of this holiday’s uncertain origin.

Cashing in on Romance

Valentine’s Day is the first major consumer holiday of 2017. The National Retail Federation estimates $18.2 billion will be pumped into the U.S. economy this year. Whether you’re in love with the holiday or not, it’s commercialized power is nothing to scoff at. Even the kids who attend JA’s BizTown understand the importance of consumer spending for a healthy economy.

Nearly half of those celebrating the holiday this year are estimated to purchase Valentine’s Day cards. Here’s the full breakdown of projected gift sales by category:

  • Candy: 49%
  • Greeting Cards: 46.9%
  • An Evening Out: 36.6%
  • Flowers: 34.7%
  • Jewelry: 18.7%
  • Clothing: 18.5%
  • Gift Cards and Gift Certificates: 15.5%

Spread the Love

Few industries are not touched in some way by this consumer holiday. Whether you’re in manufacturing, retail, finance, entertainment, or a service industry, Valentine’s Day affects production, sales and more on numerous levels.

For commercial printing companies like Delzer, it’s not only the greeting card sales that are important. It’s also the small details within those other categories that we have a hand in. From the tags on teddy bears to the pair of concert tickets being purchased by lovebirds, it’s clear that print isn’t dead. And that warms our CMYK coated hearts.