Why Working with a Printer Is like Baseball

Baseball fans have officially ventured out of hibernation, feeling irrationally optimistic about the unpredictable Wisconsin spring weather and eager to catch some time away from the office with a beer and brat in hand at Miller Park.

While working with a printer doesn’t give that full-to-your-heart’s-content feeling in your stomach the way that a Johnsonville Stadium Style Brat does – unless you really dig our complimentary animal crackers and peanut butter pretzels – we’re shamelessly bringing baseball analogies to bat with print now that America’s Pastime is in full swing.

Just like a game day experience, Delzer's fuel station is stocked with the essentials on tap: coffee, animal crackers, and peanut butter pretzels.

If you’ve ever been to Delzer for a proof check, you’re probably familiar with our fuel station stocked with the essentials on tap: coffee, animal crackers, and peanut butter pretzels.

Why Working with a Printer Is like Baseball

Choosing Your Team

We obviously don’t have to say who we choose to cheer on when it comes to baseball. #Thisismycrew, amirite?!

Choosing a printer can be a bit trickier. There are many printers in the market, so who do you draft? It may be driven by what’s most important to your business: quality, customer service, turnaround time, and price. We’ll bet it’s all of the above.

It’s also important to know whether a commercial printer offers the capabilities you need.

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Creating a Game Plan

Getting in shape for the season is key in baseball. Spring training allows players to work out together and prepare mentally for their goals of crushing the upcoming season. Throughout the season, they focus on maintaining their gains.

For businesses to get and stay in shape with print goals, it’s important to have proper planning, communication, and an understanding of the services you need.

Our lineup of Account Representatives represents our extensive knowledge-base of everything in design, print, and fulfillment. They’ll work diligently with you to determine budget scope, deadlines, material specifications, and more so that your print projects meet your goals.

If your plans suddenly change, it’s important to have a strong team at your side; a versatile printer will have the hustle and flexibility to ensure your products are still delivered to the right hands at the right time.

The Strength of the Pitch

The Brewers play 81 home games throughout the season at Miller Park. That means 81 game day experiences for fans each year. Since owners can’t control the final score (naysayers sit down) they have to create value in the overall experience of the game. Filling the seats alone doesn’t cut it, they need to be filled by satisfied customers.

The same mentality goes for print – or any business, for that matter. A strong product and customer experience is the pitch needed to win the game. People remember the final score, but they also remember the statistics along the way. A printer that focuses on details in product production and customer relations from start to finish will give your team a positive experience.

Every Day is a New Game

The business world is a tough game to play. Each industry comes with their own challenges and the printing industry is no different. Sometimes you’re on a winning streak, and sometimes you have an off day.

The best baseball players review their performances and look for ways to improve for the next game. Successful businesses do the same thing.

Mistakes happen, but it’s how you recover that matters. Consistency and resiliency are hallmarks of success. Working together to figure out what can be improved and making strides to bring about positive change is what a good team does.

We work to put the best team together because at the end of the day it’s about winning games. A chemistry brewed on this foundation will pour out more success – but probably less beer.

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