Direct Mail Marketing Benefits

Direct Mail Marketing Benefits

Direct Mail Marketing, Defined.

If you live anywhere with a physical address, we’re 99.99% sure you’re already familiar with direct mail marketing.

But if you do indeed live under a rock, this is a common marketing technique that physically delivers promotional materials to prospects’ mailboxes. Postcards, flyers, and catalogs, for instance, are all examples of direct mail marketing.

Marketing mail is sent out via the USPS with different service options depending on budget and speed considerations. At Delzer, we can help with dual print and mailing strategies for further value-added convenience.

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Here are a number of key benefits of incorporating direct mail marketing into your business strategy today.

Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Benefit 1: Reduce In-Person Communication

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted daily life for individuals and businesses throughout the U.S., prompting organizations to become more nimble in their B2B and B2C approaches.

Now is a better time than ever to consider alternative methods in communication.

Resourceful outreach strategies – such as mailing, shipping and 3PL kitting – provide recipients with compelling content while simultaneously reducing person-to-person contact.

Benefit 2: Reach Wider Audiences

Electronic advertising is great if your target audience uses social media or email. However, not everyone does. Did you know that there are an estimated 69 million Baby Boomers in the U.S. as of 2020?

This group represents the third largest generation in our nation. In addition, 42.2% of generation-wide recipients in the U.S. either read or at least scan direct mail.

Direct mail is also kept for 17 days on average, giving more members of a household longer to engage in the content compared to electronic methods. Businesses that use marketing mail, therefore, have a stronger chance of staying at the forefront of somebody’s mind when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Benefit 3: Less competitive, More Memorable

Email marketing – the distant, digital cousin of direct mail marketing – clutters inboxes and often quickly finds itself in the trash before even being opened. Direct mail, on the other hand, proves more likely to be noticed.

In fact, 70% to 80% of consumers polled in 2014 by the DMA say they open most of their mail – even if they consider it to be “junk” mail. Meanwhile, only 20-30% of emails were opened, according to a study by Data & Marketing Association. Maybe that’s in part because direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than email.

Speaking of brainpower, according to Marketing Prof’s direct mail statistics, 75% of consumers can recall a brand after receiving a piece of direct mail compared to 44% of consumers after seeing a digital ad.

Keep Your direct mail out of the trash

Six tips for a successful campaign – in infographic form.

Benefit 4: Complement Cross-Channel Marketing Efforts

Even with contemporary channels like social media and content marketing garnering most of the attention in business strategy today, this tried-and-tested marketing method still yields results – so, put it to work alongside these other efforts.

Marketers can boost direct mail response rates by including a digital call to action. Research has shown that consumers spend an average of 25% more when direct mail is used in combination with email marketing.

Tip: Consider personalizing direct mail just as you would an email with variable data. Change up the text, graphics, and images from one piece to the next using database information. Our teamcan help brainstorm applicable solutions for your business.

Benefit Your Business Strategy

Direct mail marketing has the ability to be memorable, reach large audiences and work well as part of a cross-channel marketing strategy, while competing for less space than email marketing alone.

And, with precautionary measures in place like social distancing amongst the increasing concerns over COVID-19, direct mail marketing offers a useful way to still provide necessary B2B and B2C communication.

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